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A stricter interpretation from the French customs Directorate to the detriment of right owners.

Overview of European customs‘s various interpretation of articles 23-3 and 23-4 of the EU regulation 608/2013 about the possibility for a right owner to request a prorogation of time as part as a procedure of customs retention of products suspected to be counterfeit.
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Possibility to get samples as part as a custom retention procedure.

The EU Regulation 608/2013 and the French IP code give to the right owner the opportunity to ask Customs, during the time of the suspension of release proceeding, to inspect the goods and to obtain representative samples for analysis.
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The possibility for the right owner to obtain the communication of the information in the case of a suspension of release proceeding and the disclosure of confidential information due to the customs professional secrecy.
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Simplified procedure and Transit third/third.

Customs is without any doubt the most efficient administration in the fight against counterfeiting. It remains that one should be aware of the interpretation given by the Customs Directorate to the regulations regarding this field.
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Seizures in Europe

Stability in the number of seized products in the European Union in 2016 (source : le monde juillet 2016)

Despite a significant drop in the number of counterfeit cases handled by the customs agencies of the European Union Member States, compared to 2015 (-20%), the number of products seized has stabilized at just above 41 million.

Guide anti-contrefaçon

Philippe Van Eeckhout, Elisabeth Pricaz

Counterfeiting has become an international scourge. The dangers are known: job and turnover losses, plant closures, security and public health issues… What can we do?
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